Cbcs Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man 4 CBC 9.6 J. Scott Campbell Variant 1st Appearance Silk Comic Phoenix Resurrection #1 C SIGNED CAMPBELL CBCS 9.8 X-MEN JEAN GREY Forest City Coins Cgc Cbcs Comics Episode 31 Incredible Hulk #271 (5/1982) Newsstand Cbcs 8.5 Vf+ Not Cgc 1st Rocket Raccoon WEST COAST AVENGERS #46 (Great Lake Avengers 1st app.) CBCS 9.8 NM/MT 1989 cgc
Iron Man 55 1st Thanos & Drax Infinity Gauntlet War CGC CBCS It Incredible Hulk 180 CBCS 7.5 White Pages! First Cameo of Wolverine Spider-man 1 Silver Edition @@@ Signed Todd Mcfarlane@@@ Cbcs 9.6 not CGC Amazing Spider-Man #129 CBCS 8.5 Off white/White 1st appearance of the Punisher ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 CBCS Grade 9.4 Brian Bendis Signature Series
The X-men 9 CBCS 7.5 VF- (not CGC) 1965 1st Lucifer 1st X-men Avengers Meeting Updated Introduction To Cbcs Grading For New Comic Book Collectors Invincible iron man 7 CBCS 9.8 1st Riri Williams (cameo) Ironheart Beware Of This Ebay Scam Amazing Spider-Man #50 1st Kingpin! Signed by Stan Lee CBCS Verified CGC
Avengers #1 CBCS 9.8 JAM PIECE Signed & Sketched Joe Sinnott Zeck Layton Mcleod Incredible Hulk (1st Series) #181 1974 CBCS 5.5 Cbcs Unboxing Take One AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #797 Mayhew Variant Cover 9.8 CBCS RED GOBLIN Uncanny X-Men (1st Series) #94 1975 CBCS 5.5 OWithW (NOT CGC)
FANTASTIC FOUR #52 (Black Panther, T'Challa 1st app) CGC 4.0 VG Marvel 1966 cbcs Giant-Size X-Men #1 CBCS VF/NM 9.0 Off White to White 9 0 Slab Sharing Final Installment Cgc Cbcs SAVAGE SHE-HULK 1 CGC 9.4! 1st APP JENNIFER Walters! Wow! Sharp Like CBCS X-Men #121 -NEAR MINT- CBCS 9.4 NM -ERROR Cover- 1st App of Alpha Flight
Fantastic Four (1961) #48 CBCS 5.0 Yellow Label Signed Joe Sinnott 1st Galactus Amazing Spider-Man #26 (Jul 1965) CBCS 7.5 (Similar to CGC) 1st Crime-Master Firestorm #3 -MINT- CBCS 9.8 NM/MT -DC 1978- 1st App & ORIGIN Killer Frost Spider-man #1 Silver Cover Signed Stan Lee Todd Mcfarlane Pgx 9.8 Not Cgc Cbcs WEREWOLF BY NIGHT 32 1st APP MOON KNIGHT not pressed CBCS as cgc 2.5 slabbed
INCREDIBLE HULK #181 CBCS Grade 3.0 First full appearance of WOLVERINE Amazing Spider-Man (1st Series) #3 1963 CBCS 4.0 Our Army At War #83 CBCS 5.5 FN- DC 1959 1st App Sgt. Rock Kubert/Kanigher Rayjr S 3rd Cbcs Submission Return Amazing Spider-Man 86 (1970) CBCS 9.4 (Similar to CGC) Black Widow Origin
Giant-Size X-Men #1 CBCS FN 6.0 Off White (Trimmed) Fantastic Four #45 (1st Appearance The Inhumans) Huge Key Issue Graded 5.5 Nice Tomb of Dracula #10 1st Blade CBCS 3.0 GD/VG Hot Key Comic! Movie Coming Amazing Spider-man #300 CBCS 7.5 VF- Newsstand 1st Venom Appearance War of the Realms New Agents of Atlas #1, CGC 9.8 150 Zircher Variant In Stock
Spectacular Spider-man #1 Signed Stan Lee & Gerry Conway 9.8 Cbcs Ss 1976 Thor (1st Series Journey Into Mystery) #112 1965 CBCS 7.0 The INCREDIBLE HULK #340 TODD MCFARLANE SIGNED SS CBCSCGC 9.6 White Pages Venom Lethal Protector 1 Signed Stan Lee Todd Mcfarlane Pgx 9.8 Not Cgc Cbcs Silver Surfer #1 CBCS FN/VF 7.0 Off White to White
THOR #337 9.8 CBCS White Pages 1st Beta Ray Bill! Loki & Nick Fury App

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